“My business seemed to be stagnating and I felt that I was drowning in the clutter of running both a home based business and a home. The whole thing had got out of hand to the extent that I was doing neither efficiently. Taymour tactfully and sympathetically allowed me to identify the problems myself. That done, we were able to draw up a simple plan to deal with every day clutter. It was as though Taymour had opened a bricked up door in a wall. I could see  he uninterrupted view ahead. This all sounds so simple, but when one is in the middle of a problem it needs someone like Taymour to be a Guiding Light . ”

Angela Inman – Nikken Corporation

 “The workshop on the 12 Nov was most certainly insightful and useful. I’m looking forward to future workshops.”

J Kour

“You really are a gifted and intuitive coach and it was a privilege to have a session with you. It was really healing to offload my fears, recognise them and acknowledge that what I really want to do is possible. I’m now really excited about the next steps ahead.”

Lindsey Maren – France

“You are a breath of light and inspiration. I just wanted to thank you for your sincerity and encouragement- you’re a great coach !”

Stephanie Santana – Portugal

“Working in a corporate environment, I was well aware of what challenges lay ahead for me. It is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. Coaching helped me identify my goals, set milestones to measure my achievement of them, and ultimately allowed me to get there more quickly and more effectively. Taymour has been a GREAT coach.”

Tanya Russo – Dairylea

 “Your unique and sincere way of coaching has helped me be clearer in my thoughts and more focused on my targets, and the support you give has pushed me forward. I am fortunate to have you as my coach, thank you Taymour. “

R. B – Credit Suisse First Boston

 “When I went to see Taymour I was at a limbo point in my life both professionally and personally. What I learnt from the sessions was that our minds on a day-to-day basis are filled with clutter, hey presto the solution stared me in the face.  Keep it simple and keep it focused!!  To release the clutter Guiding Light gave me the ability to stop and focus on the important things in life and to take each step at the time, allowing me to make the right decisions.”

Sam S – The London Underground

“Whoever thinks coaching is just a gimmick and a fad couldn’t be more wrong! Before I found Taymour, I didn’t realize the potential that was within me to change the areas of my life that were frustrating me. Taymour’s natural coaching abilities have helped me to take effective action and improve and change the areas of my life with which I was dissatisfied. Do yourselves a favour – give Taymour a call!”

N. K – Capita-Symonds

“Many thanks Taymour. You have been a great help in stream lining both my business, and personal life. Things are much better now, and I’m managing my time far more efficiently than before – a task I thought was impossible.”

Paul Wiffen – Hyde & Park Design

“I never thought coaching could improve my outlook on life the way it has. I am now less stressed, and much more confident with myself. Taymour is a gifted coach who truly listens, and unleashes your abilities like no other – a BIG thank you!”

Z. N – Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

“Although I had a sense of what I should be doing to develop my business, working with Taymour helped me to clarify the personal and commercial issues facing me. His coaching enabled me to get motivated and work on things that I had been putting off for months. He didn’t offer me solutions but worked with me to find them within myself.”

Patrick R

 “I want to thank Taymour for helping me to define my goals and start moving towards them. He is truly inspiring and a great coach.“

Clare Hammond – English National Opera

 “I definitely took some learning from the session, the one that stuck with me most and got me thinking was the fact that we really do question ourselves “why?” too many times (which can be quite negative) instead of “How?” and “What?” can we do to reach our objectives, which is much more powerful and positive”

Daniel R. Rodrigues – Unilever Plc

“Thanks so much for the awesome workshop I really found it helpful and will now be going over it again and doing some more goal setting for 2005!  It really assisted in bringing perspective to my life and helped me look at taking more control. Please keep me up to date on any further lectures and workshops.”

Georgia Lancey

“Taymour is a great coach. He listens to your objectives, assesses the resources you have to achieve them and helps you define the road to get there. He has a long experience of dealing with various cultures and makes you feel at ease immediately. He uses simple down to earth language with clear images which are worth a thousand words.”

Senior Swiss Banker- (Name Withheld)

“Hi Taymour. It’s Louise, the lady you cured of the fear of being trapped – at the Paul McKenna Seminar on Saturday. Firstly I would like to thank you enormously for relieving me of my demon on Saturday, I feel like I have lost 6 stones already.  I was so completely overwhelmed that a problem I had suffered from on a daily basis for 17 years could be cured in 10 minutes.  After leaving you my children had 4 rides in the lift with their mum, something they had never done before Saturday, in their lives!!! I cannot thank you enough.  Next year I will now enjoy a long overdue trip to America with my family – thanks to you. No more driving for 2 days to the South of France. I have a hospital appointment in London this afternoon, and I am going on the tube, instead of my usual long drive into town. Thank you again for your time and patience it is truly appreciated. Your job must be extremely rewarding.”

Louise M Wilson – Former Claustrophobic
“]“Another enjoyable flight, can’t believe it ! Thanks again…”

“Just landed Taymour, the flight was much more pleasurable than usual.  What a difference, thank you !”

“You’re the BEST !  You have been right about many things…”

Sophia G

“Thank you so much, you really are the Jerry McGuire of Life Coaches.”

“Your advice and especially our interview practice helped enormously. So I’m very happy with the outcome. Thank You!  I’m already beginning to be more aware of my body language and to relax about things. Thank you so much for all your help this far. I was stuck in a rut and you really helped me get out of it and focus.”

J Clarke – JP Morgan

“Thank you so much Taymour, I feel fantastic !! It seems like a huge weight has been lifted off me & that dark cloud has disappeared.”

J Dobson – Hospitality Manager

 “Things are good. I have been focused and have benefited from our session!”

R.T – Film Producer

“After our session, the world is a relaxed, and open place to be in again. My energy is flowing so much better.  You are indeed a very bright star.”

Mel Smith – DJ

”Just to let you know my review went very well. But what has been even better is my general feeling about work – I seem to have my drive and ambition back and I’m excited (not petrified!) of the impending changes. I don’t know how it [NLP & TFT] works, but it’s definitely worked!”

Dawn B – Catering Manager

”I wanted to let you know that the session I had with you was of great benefit and I have been feeling a lot better and can’t thank you enough for that!”

F.Kelsall – Administration Facilitator

 ”I am so thankful and happy for your help because I really have changed so many things in my life ! I sleep fantastically every night, and am much more calmer about everything.  Driving is going well too !!!!  I take it as a challenge to do one positive thing every day !!! Thank you for all your help.”

M Muller – Managing Director.

“Thanks Taymour. I really feel that last session was a great breakthrough in at last identifying something that’s been holding me back. Even that realisation was a huge relief in itself. Will keep you posted on next steps. Many thanks for your patient and insightful guidance with this.”

A.H – Advertising Creative

“Taymour has a gift of being able to bring a new perspective to a “problem” situation in a quick, no nonsense, approach. When working with me on an issue, Taymour’s use of metaphor and reframing completely changed my view of the challenge and together with some other techniques solved my problem completely. All in the space of twenty minutes!
In this field I have met a great deal of practitioners, Taymour’s attitude and skill level puts him up there with the best.”

Adrian Brown – Personal Development Consultant

“Dear Taymour, I feel truly blessed to have found you and to have your guidance. Although my over analytical mind initially left me a bit confused, meeting you had a big impact on my life and I want to thank you for everything you have done for me this year.”

R.M. – Jewellery Designer

“Work is going well and I am feeling a great deal more balanced as a result of our work together last year – I just can’t believe how fast the time has flown since then.”

S.R – Director

“I’ve really enjoyed the thought process inspired by our last meeting and it’s been invaluable getting things straight at work, there’s been a lot of positive feedback. Thanks very much for your help!”

Toby S – Senior Executive

“Hi, Taymour, well, I suppose basically you could say there’s been a paradigm shift. Honestly, it almost feels miraculous. The [negative] voice has gone. I am looking outwards and forwards rather than inwards and backwards. I know that everyday practice of these new habits is important, so I am setting aside a few minutes each day to do that. I can’t thank you enough – though I know, too, that I was really ready.  Thanks SO much!”

Nathalie S

“I must say, I felt lucky to attend the Management Skills Programme, conducted by a professional like yourself & enjoyed every minute, and believe me, I not only find it beneficiary to my work, it also enriched my personal life. Thank you.”

A.B – Senior Bank Manager

“Thanks for yesterday, very calming words and they really really helped.”

L Cassidy – Production Consultant

“Thanks to you, I feel a lightness in my being, which I have never experienced before. I feel positive about the future and about life in general. I truly believe that you have a very special gift and you were born into this world to do precisely what you are doing. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life and helping me let go of the old me, which never served me well.”

L.S – Designer & Entrepreneur

“Taymour is a valued member of the HRM Coaching Associate team. He achieves great results with clients through his in-depth knowledge of a wide range of personal development techniques. I have seen clients make huge shifts as a result of working with him.”

H McNamara – Managing Director of HRM Coaching Ltd

“I did really well on flight to & from Spain despite taking off in a blizzard and being held for 4 ½ hours before landing (in bad weather).  It would have been a nightmare if we hadn’t done that [NLP & TFT] stuff! Many thanks.”

Fiona K – Flying Phobia

“I wanted to say thank you for your time spent with me.  It has been of huge benefit, in fact I seem to be going through a lot of changes since seeing you”

Amanda H – Media Presenter

“Taymour is an outstanding facilitator.”

P.O. – Manager

”I can’t thank you enough. I left your session empowered and ready to change my life”

L.K. – Head of Retail Systems

“What can I say? It’s hard to put into words – you’ve helped me open up my world.”

L Marie
“You are an excellent transformational teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your generous and helpful coaching. Thank you, with my deep gratitude & appreciation.”

“Thank you for your help. I have come a long way, and guided a lot by the clarity I found during our sessions”

Dr. J.C – GP

I just wanted to “touch base” with you to let you know how we’re [Business Partner] getting on. Thanks to you we’ve really turned the corner. We’re getting on brilliantly and working really well together. We also seem to be able to spot the potential sources of conflict either before they start or at an early stage which seems to be enabling us to work so much better together. Thank you very much once again for your help, it came at such a crucial time for us both.”

E & D – Mediation

“I am happy to report that I have felt a lot calmer since our session last week – those feelings of panic and worry seem to have dissipated. To be honest, I keep waiting for them to come back and I do worry a little that they will wangle their way back in to my thoughts, but so far so good. My drugs for the fertility treatment arrived today – usually I would have seen it as a negative, but instead I felt ok about the impending treatment. Thank you.”

F.H. – Mum

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Taymour for the advice/coaching you’ve given me. When I came to see you I was low on confidence, pretty down on myself, not getting the respect I deserved at work and felt that my career was going nowhere. After a few sessions with you I feel like a light had been switched on in my head and I’m now a much a happier person, I’m respecting myself and in turn I feel respected. It’s no coincidence that as a result of the changes you’ve helped me make I’ve now landed the job opportunity that I’d been looking for – thank you!” .


“Thank you for all your invaluable insight, help and guidance. Life is certainly different for me these days in comparison to when I first came to see you.”


“There were two things that struck me about Taymour from our first meeting in 2008, firstly his knowledge about development and coaching and secondly, his genuine caring nature. Taymour has a sincere drive to use what he has learned through years of study and developing his own self-awareness to support other people and encourage their growth and development.  I was not proved wrong. For over 12 years Taymour has successfully worked with some of our clients, delivering training and supporting programme attendees in many one to one situations. Taymour is always extremely well received and admired, and consistently gets amazing feedback. I can strongly recommend Taymour for both training delivery and one to one coaching.”

Kasmin Cooney OBE – Managing Director – RightTrack Learning Limited.

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