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    Taymour is an outstanding facilitator.”

    P.O. – Manager

    ”I can’t thank you enough. I left your session empowered and ready to change my life”

    L.K. – Head of Retail Systems

    “What can I say? It’s hard to put into words – you’ve helped me open up my world.

    L Marie

    “Thank you for all your invaluable insight, help and guidance. Life is certainly different for me these days in comparison to when I first came to see you.”


    “You are an excellent transformational teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your generous and helpful coaching. Thank you, with my deep gratitude & appreciation.”


    “Thank you for your help. I have come a long way, and guided a lot by the clarity I found during our sessions”

    Dr. J.C – GP

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Taymour for the advice/coaching you’ve given me. When I came to see you I was low on confidence, pretty down on myself, not getting the respect I deserved at work and felt that my career was going nowhere. After a few sessions with you I feel like a light had been switched on in my head and I’m now a much a happier person, I’m respecting myself and in turn I feel respected. It’s no coincidence that as a result of the changes you’ve helped me make I’ve now landed the job opportunity that I’d been looking for – thank you!” .


    I just wanted to “touch base” with you to let you know how we’re [Business Partner] getting on. Thanks to you we’ve really turned the corner. We’re getting on brilliantly and working really well together. We also seem to be able to spot the potential sources of conflict either before they start or at an early stage which seems to be enabling us to work so much better together. Thank you very much once again for your help, it came at such a crucial time for us both.”

    E & D – Mediation

    “I am happy to report that I have felt a lot calmer since our session last week – those feelings of panic and worry seem to have dissipated.  Thank you.”

    F.H. – Mum

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