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I offer a very unique mix of development and progress consulting based on the latest methodologies and modalities in the field of personal development; whether you are a private or corporate client.

What matters most to me is results.  In fact, the most number of sessions I’ve ever seen a client for a specific issue was three.  Yes, three!  In an age where time is the rarest commodity, I certainly don’t want to waste yours.  My aim is to create a positive and powerful shift by the end of our first session, so we can begin moving in the right direction for you.

No single client is the same, consequently, neither is my approach.  I use whatever I believe will help you to create awareness, drive and constructive change where it matters most – at the core.  I call this approach: development and progress consulting.

We are creatures of habit. We can limit ourselves with the comfort zones we create and the habitual thoughts we feed ourselves. Before we know it, our beliefs limit us and our behaviours hold us back while life’s unnoticed clock continues to tick. What if? Just what if you could talk to someone who can truly listen and understand your many facets. Understand and identify what works and what needs to change. Someone objective, honest and outside your everyday life who can shed light and help you towards developing a new way of thinking and making genuine progress where it matters most.  I am that person and if you are ready, truly and wholeheartedly ready, then I’m here to help.

I can help you:

  • Identify what YOU truly want
  • Help you plan and create it
  • Discover who you really are in the process
  • Gain clarity
  • Delete toxic thinking
  • Increase your motivation
  • Eliminate past blockages
  • Balance your life
  • Find your happiness and help you create it




Contact me now and let me help you live and not just exist.

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What’s New?

  • 14Jun

    You Are What You Believe

    By definition, a belief is a principle accepted as true without proof.  A beliefs is a thought or idea that we do not question – most of the time we are not even aware of them either.  Our beliefs…

  • 14Jun

    Language That Changes Minds

    Language That Changes Minds.
    One of the most heartfelt testimonials I recently received from a client was: “Thank you so much, you really are the Jerry McGuire of Life Coaches.” It actually made my…


“I am happy to report that I have felt a lot calmer since our session last week – those feelings of panic and worry seem to have dissipated. To be honest, I keep waiting for them to come back and I do worry a little that they will wangle their way back in to my thoughts, but so far so good. My drugs for the fertility treatment arrived today – usually I would have seen it as a negative, but instead I felt ok about the impending treatment. Thank you.”

F.H. – Mum